Designing for a Circular Economy

‘Designing for a Circular Economy’ is a set of comprehensive guidelines to help anyone working in the flexible packaging value chain design packaging solutions which are recyclable.

CEFLEX stakeholders and the wider flexible packaging industry are encouraged to consult and apply the principles and information provided by the guidelines to help deliver significant environmental improvements while not compromising functionality to protect, package, transport, sell and use the product.

The guidelines have been developed by, and for, the whole value chain, from flexible packaging manufacturers to brand owners and retailers. The content is based on value chain consensus, using the best available data from testing and commercial practices.

These documents are offered free of charge, for all to adopt and use on a voluntary basis.

The guidelines are not a legal requirement, but a tool intended to provide advice and support to brand owners, retailers, packaging converters and their value chains in designing flexible packaging to be circular.

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