Creating a Circular Economy

CEFLEX is a collaborative initiative representing the entire value chain of flexible packaging

The CEFLEX Mission

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The CEFLEX ‘Mission Circular’

The Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging (CEFLEX) initiative is a collaboration of over 180 European companies, associations and organisations representing the entire value chain of flexible packaging. Together, we work to make all flexible packaging in Europe circular.

CEFLEX’s ‘Mission Circular’ commits to collection of all flexible packaging and over 80% of the recycled materials channelled into valuable new markets and applications to substitute virgin materials

A 5-step roadmap to build a circular economy for flexible packaging has been endorsed by CEFLEX stakeholders, together with a set of actions needed by each part of the value chain to make it happen.

We target an established collection, sorting and reprocessing infrastructure and economy for post-consumer flexible packaging across Europe. It will be based on end-of-life technologies and processes which deliver the best economic, technical and environmental outcome for a circular economy.

diagram representing the 5 steps to build a circular economy for flexible packaging

CEFLEX News & Events

Producer responsibility… without producers?

Producer responsibility… without producers?

EU legislation happening now will be critical in shaping Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for decades to come – and international best practice and progress on EPR could be undermined, with fees allocated to ‘public revenue’ rather than directly supporting required collection, sorting and recycling infrastructure.

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