Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) plays a pivotal role in funding, coordinating and facilitating the recycling of consumer flexible and all packaging. CEFLEX and its stakeholders have been working to ensure EPR mechanisms are able to drive cost-effective collection and recycling of flexible packaging to make it circular, sustainable and economically viable.

This webinar from April 2020 by CEFLEX and EXPRA – Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance outlines some key issues again before an important phase over coming months; aiming to establish clear guiding principals and “criteria for circularity”.

Some thoughts at the beginning of this process include:

  • Consumer flexible packaging makes up a minor but significant percentage (~25%) of the overall plastic packaging stream and there is great potential to advance the collection, sorting and recycling of this fraction through EPR
  • It could be essential to ensuring the increased collection and recycling of flexibles required to meet EU recycling targets in 2025 and 2030/li>
  • A consistent and convergent approach across Europe could offer significant benefits to all stakeholders: consumers, recyclers, converters, brand owners and producer responsibility organisations (PROs) – while also helping to reduce costs/li>

Be sure to consult this webinar presentation to clarify EPR background and its key elements: