Additional knowledge and support to guide developments in EPR, infrastructure pilots, metrics and end markets as Louis Lindenberg and Michael Scriba join the #MissionCircular team

Two senior experts with extensive hands-on experience in transforming packaging, operations, end markets and recycling to meet the needs of the circular economy are bringing additional knowledge and experience to initiatives and stakeholders across the value chain as implementation continues to accelerate at the Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging (CEFLEX) project.

Louis Lindenberg and Michael Scriba will help shape the further deployment of Extended Producer Responsibility relations, development of sustainable end markets and metrics – as well as guidance on realising new infrastructure such as the Quality Recycling Process industrial scale pilot plant.

Louis Lindenberg and Michael Scriba

Louis Lindenberg and Michael Scriba

“Armed with the understanding CEFLEX has acquired, we are now getting to ‘the business end’ of exactly how the circular economy becomes reality at scale. Michael Scriba and Louis Lindenberg bring significant insight in several key areas and enhance CEFLEX’s ability to address the critical challenges of flexible packaging in practice. In particular, to work with EPR schemes as a key enabler and coordinator to support them making flexible packaging circular and economically viable and advancing a sustainable business case for recycled materials” said project coordinator Graham Houlder welcoming the additions.

Until recently, Louis was Global Packaging Sustainability Director for Unilever and brings nearly 30 years of brand owner experience having also worked at L’Oréal. In addition to close ties with numerous NGOs and groups like the Consumer Goods Forum, he maintains a range of industry collaborations around the world in both developed and emerging markets and a keen customer and marketing perspective.

A valued previous board member of CEFLEX and managing partner of mtm plastics, part of the Borealis Group of companies, Michael Scriba adds a wealth of insight in recycling, end markets and multiple aspects of the business of striving for circularity. Michael also helped establish the ground-breaking first ‘Green Dot’ EPR-scheme and plastics plastic packaging recycling in Germany and has held positions with the German Associations of Plastics Recyclers (BVSE) and Plastics Packaging and Films (IK), Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE) and Polyolefins in a Circular Economy Platform (PCEP).

Consistent with a majority of the CEFLEX team, both maintain a range of consultancy interests in advancing sustainability and the circular economy.