BarrierPack Recyclable, Mondi’s fully recyclable plastic laminate for pre-made pouches and FFS roll stock, has just been honoured for technological innovation, but the company is not sitting on its laurels. The addition of an extra layer to the construction now provides a gas barrier that greatly extends the material’s potential applications.

Vienna, 26 April, 2018– Mondi’s award-winning BarrierPack Recyclable laminate is a highly sustainable material with performance properties equivalent to conventional alternatives and fully compatible with existing industrial recycling streams. Now, thanks to a recent innovation, it’s suitable for more applications.

“The flexible packaging market data collected by CEFLEX for Europe indicates that 70-80% is mono-material which when collected, can be readily sorted and recycled. This innovation by Mondi is important as it provides brand owners with an alternative for some of those products in the remaining 20% requiring additional functionality and until now, only deliverable using multi-material laminates that are more challenging to recycle.

Congratulations to the team at Mondi.  I would also like to encourage all potential users to relook at their current and new flexible packs to see if such structure redesign can help them make their flexible packaging even more sustainable.” says Graham Houlder, CEFLEX co-ordinator.

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