Despite evident challenges of the global pandemic, government machinery to (re)shape our relationship and interactions with the environment continue to be launched. Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius stated “The new plan will make circularity the mainstream in our lives and speed up the green transition of our economy. We offer decisive action to change the top of the sustainability chain – product design.”

The plan also states that “Further measures will be put in place to reduce waste and ensure that the EU has a *well-functioning internal market for high quality secondary raw materials* and includes

2021: Review to reinforce the essential requirements for packaging and reduce (over)packaging and packaging waste

2021-22: Mandatory requirements on recycled plastic content and plastic waste reduction measures for key products such as packaging

It further illustrates the need for the CEFLEX Designing for a Circular Economy Guidelines. Launching in late spring 2020, they will provide clarity to brand owners, retailers, converters and film producers and others in the value chain on what structures they should be innovating to support the drive to circularity. Keep tuned for launch resources and webinar dates.

EC Circular Economy Action Plan - launched March 2020

EC Circular Economy Action Plan