All recycling technologies are required to ensure material is retained in the economy to be used by end markets and applications says new position statement from CEFLEX.

The Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging (CEFLEX) initiative is a collaboration of over 170 European companies, associations and organisations representing the entire value chain of flexible packaging. Together, we work to make all flexible packaging in Europe circular by 2025.

To support CEFLEX’s vision and help the entire value chain move forward as one, a facilitated alignment process tackles key issues. Captured in a position statement, the latest addresses Recycling Capabilities for Flexible Packaging in a Circular Economy – and the need for:

  • Fit for purpose recyclate in sufficient quantity, quality and value to be preferred over new virgin fossil-based materials by the market
  • An essential need for high quality mechanical and physical recycling; but also, chemical recycling technologies to realise the required capacity and expanded end markets
  • Coherent and complementary choices in packaging design using the CEFLEX Designing for a Circular Economy guidelines and improved sorting processes
  • EPR schemes designed to support full material circularity together with the principle of covering the full net costs associated with this

The statement also outlines a number of ways legislation can support an efficient circular economy for all (flexible) packaging materials.

Consult the complete position statement

Position Statement: Recycling Capabilities for Flexible Packaging in a Circular Economy