EPR is vital to making flexible packaging circular, sustainable and economically viable. This panel discussion from the essential Sustainable Packaging Summit series explores the current state of EPR, adaptations that FMCG, industry and regulators must embrace and the CEFLEX identified criteria EPR systems can consider to help deliver circularity.

Speakers include:

Moderator: Tim Sykes (brand director, Packaging Europe)

CEFLEX Criteria for Circularity

For CEFLEX, EPR systems should be aligned to the needs of a circular economy and funded accordingly, with headline actions to capture:

  • EPR-led stakeholders moving beyond a system designed to meet recycling targets
  • A fully coordinated circular economy, driven by EPR, to unlock the required substantial progress in design, sorting and recycled polymers/end markets
  • A level playing field for Flexible Packaging (FP) value chain to go circular – and make the necessary changes
The Sustainable Packaging Summit is an international, interactive event that brings together leading thinkers and players across the FMCG packaging value chain to engage on the next steps we need to take to build a low-carbon, circular ecosystem for packaged goods. Since the pandemic struck, it has become a hybrid physical and year-round virtual event. You can join the digital platform, which will be hosting live panels, talks and networking sessions throughout autumn 2021 and beyond, for free at https://visit.circdata.com/sp20/.